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You bought that big, flat-screen HDTV and sound system for a reason!

Would you like the opportunity to watch Roku XXX porn from the comfort of your couch rather than in front of a PC or tiny laptop screen?  Get the true ultimate adult video experience on your HDTV with private Roku adult channels.

Our complete list of 2015 Roku Adult Channels

The private adult channels Roku does not publicly acknowledge to exist

Streaming porn directly to your TV has never been easier on Roku, GoogleTV, Blu-ray players and other TV ready devices.  Adult Entertainment Services – AEBN, AdultDVDEmpire, RealityKingsScoreTVSugarDVD, and VideoBox have “official” subscription channels for the Roku.  Many of these adult entertainment leaders are offering an “all-you-can-watch” Netflix style porn buffet.  Subscribe and watch discreetly without leaving the privacy of your home.

Roku adult privacy!  No worries about family/friends finding that porn site on your shared computer – no cached files, no last viewed URL, no history of the visitChannels are added to your Roku – not your computer.   Some channels even have discreet logos (ie. finance).  For added privacy,  just unplug the Roku sized hockey puck and store away when family arrives.  Roku Adult Channels can easily be removed in seconds with a press of the “*” button.

We are indexing all Roku private Adult Entertainment Services for the TV. No more searching for “The Good Stuff”.  We have the best Roku XXX channels listed and reviewed by viewers.

We have the most complete and updated listings of Roku ADULT channels.  Rated & Reviewed by viewers like you!

Our Roku Adult Channels are updated and scrubbed regularly.  We constantly monitor viewer feedback for any problems and remove those problem channels from our listings.

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